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Use Wistia instead of YouTube for video marketing


While YouTube is great for promoting video content to that platform's audience, if you embed a YouTube video onto your own website, you won't get the SEO benefit from the video itself. Instead, use Wistia to create your own videos with custom calls-to-action including a direct lead-gen form inside the video, and get all the SEO juice when others search for, embed or share your video.

Use Wistia instead of YouTube for video marketing

When it comes to online video hosting, many companies choose YouTube because of its massive user base and widespread popularity. But Wistia has a few advantages that could make it a better fit for your company.

Wistia, first, has superior tools for tracking and analytics. Wistia allows you to monitor your videos' success down to the last detail, including the number of views, the average viewing time, and the percentage of viewers that stopped watching at a given point. Insights gained from this might inform your video marketing strategy moves.

Second, Wistia gives you more options for how your videos will be branded and presented. YouTube only allows you to use the platform's default branding features. Wistia allows you to give your films a consistent visual style across all of your platforms by changing things like font, colour, and the placement of logos and CTAs.

Last but not least, Wistia gives you extra options for hosting and uploading your films. Using YouTube, you can only upload videos to YouTube and then embed those films on other websites using the embed code YouTube provides. Wistia gives you the flexibility to host your movies anywhere—on your own server or on theirs—and to embed them anywhere else—using either the Wistia embed code or a custom embed code.

How to implement
  1. Create a Wistia account by clicking the "Get started" button on the Wistia website. Create an account by following the instructions and choosing a pricing option that suits your requirements.
  2. Upload your videos by clicking the "New Project" button after you have registered for an account. After naming your project, press the "Add Media" button to add your videos. Your project can also include audio, pictures, and other sorts of media.
  3. Make your movies more appealing by selecting the "Customize" tab and changing their design. The call-to-action buttons can be changed, along with the colour scheme and your logo.
  4. Embed your videos on your website by clicking the "Embed & Share" tab and choosing the "Customize" option. Copy the provided embed code after selecting the player's size and aspect ratio. Wherever you want the movie to show on your website, paste the embed code there.
  5. Utilize the analytics offered by Wistia to keep tabs on the performance of your videos. Metrics like the number of views, the average viewing duration, and the percentage of viewers who stop watching the video may all be seen. Make data-driven decisions about your video marketing strategy with this information.
  6. Use the Wistia API: The Wistia API can be used to combine Wistia with other programmes or platforms. You may access data from your Wistia account and utilise it in other applications thanks to the API. To utilise the API, you'll need a developer on your team.