Growth tacticS

Grow Your User Base with Invite-Only Sign Ups


Create demand and virality for your product by limiting access to members who are invited by current users.

Grow Your User Base with Invite-Only Sign Ups

Insecurity is an effective tool to attract new customers. Limiting access to a product or service to members triggers an emotional response –the Fear Of Missing Out is more effective than logic. To trigger this feeling, you can restrict your product's access by allowing new users to join only when they are invited by a current users. Startups like Gmail, Quora or Dribble used this tactic to create demand and virality.

How to implement
  1. Identify current users who are likely to invite new users.
  2. Create an incentive program for current users to invite new users.
  3. Create a sign-up page that requires an invitation code to join.
  4. Send out invitation codes to current users to share with potential new users.
  5. Monitor the sign-up process to ensure that only invited users are able to join.
  6. Track the success of the program and adjust the incentive program as needed.