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Grow Your App with Paid Reviews


Grow your app with paid reviews from SponsoredReviews. Ensure quality and FTC compliance.

Grow Your App with Paid Reviews

Getting reviews for your app is an important part of the growth process. Reviews can help you build trust with potential customers, and can even help you rank higher in the app store. One way to get reviews is to pay for them. SponsoredReviews is a platform that allows you to pay for reviews of your app. It's important to be mindful of the quality of the websites who are bidding on your opportunity. Many of them are spammy, so be sure to do your due diligence. Additionally, all reviews must follow FTC guidelines for disclosure.

How to implement
  1. Sign up for a SponsoredReviews account.
  2. Create an opportunity for your app.
  3. Set the budget and parameters for the reviews.
  4. Review the websites who are bidding on your opportunity and select the ones that meet your quality standards.
  5. Monitor the reviews to ensure they are FTC compliant.
  6. Track the performance of the reviews and adjust your budget and parameters as needed.