Growth tacticS

Ask your customers to take pictures with your product


If you have some enthusiastic customers, ask them to take pictures with your product and have them share it on their social feeds. You can then use this social proof on your website.

Ask your customers to take pictures with your product

People are more likely to buy products they see others using and enjoying. You can therefore boost your product's perceived worth by inviting existing customers to take pictures with it and share them on social media or with friends and family.

Asking customers to pose with your product can boost sales as well as increasig brand loyalty. Customers are more loyal to brands they feel connected to and associating themselves with the products in this way can help foster that connection.

How to implement
  1. Determine your objective: Do you want to increase sales or generate brand loyalty? This will assist you in tailoring your request to your customers and selecting the most relevant channels for requesting them to take photos with your goods.
  2. Select your channels: Determine how you will ask your customers to photograph your product. Will you rely on social media, email, or face-to-face interactions? Consider your clients' demographics and the channels they are most likely to use.
  3. Create your request as follows: Create a clear and unambiguous request that encourages your customers to snap and share photos of your product. Include any relevant hashtags or handles that will aid in increasing the reach of the images.
  4. Consider offering incentives to encourage your customers to snap photos with your product. This could be a discount on their next purchase, a special offer, or the opportunity to win a prize.
  5. Keep track of the outcomes: Track the performance of your request using analytics tools. Consider indicators such as the number of images shared, the reach of the images, and any related sales or interaction. This will assist you in determining whether the technique was successful and whether any revisions are required.