Growth tacticS

Add a screenshot/graphic of your app on the signup/login page


At the signup/login page, show a screenshot or graphic representation of your app that shows off the main benefits/features. This will be a timely reminder for people when logging in and a nudge to sign up for those without an account yet. This can significantly increase conversions.

Add a screenshot/graphic of your app on the signup/login page

Users may not know what the app does or what they can do with it when they visit the signup or login pages. A screenshot or other visual can help people visualise what the programme looks like and what they can accomplish with it. As a result, they may be more intrigued by the app and more likely to download it or sign in.

Including a graphic or screenshot on the registration or login page can boost attention and simplify the process for the user. Making the website more inviting and interesting to look at using an eye-catching graphic can enhance the chances that visitors will take the intended action (e.g., signing up or logging in).

How to implement
  1. Select a screenshot/graphic: Choose an image that clearly depicts your app's major features and functions. This might be a screenshot of the app in action or a graphic illustrating the program's primary features.
  2. Optimize the image: Make sure the image is of great quality and is the correct size for the signup or login page. To fit the allotted space, you may need to trim or resize the image.
  3. Insert the image into the page: Insert the image into the signup or login page using HTML or CSS. To accomplish this, utilise the <img> tag in HTML or the background-image property in CSS.
  4. Check out the page: Check that the image displays properly and looks good on the signup or login page.