Growth Support

We build your growth strategy for you and then support your team while you execute it.

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A clear growth strategy and support to deliver it.

Unlock the roadmap to business growth with a personalised growth strategy and expert support from our team of specialists.

A clear vision for your business

Bring all your marketing activities in line around a coherent top-down growth strategy tied directly to business goals. Know exactly what to focus on and why, and measure outcomes precisely.

Answer the big questions

Uncertainty is one of the most common obstacles to growth. Our strategy sheds light on the big questions while our database of growth tactics arms you with the tools to test smaller hypotheses on demand.

Empower your marketing team

Level up your marketing efforts with our searchable database of proven growth tactics. Ask for help and guidance from our team of specialists whenever you need it via a dedicated Slack channel.

What's included

A strong foundation and toolkit for your growth marketing efforts.

Custom growth strategy

A full growth strategy for your business, written by our expert strategists, updated quarterly.

Dedicated portal

Secure website where you can access your strategy, performance dashboard and tactics database.

Tactics database

Exclusive access to our constantly growing database of proven growth marketing tactics and hacks.

On-hand experts

A cross-functional team covering all the skillsets required to guide you with your marketing efforts.

Private chat channel

A dedicated chat channel for you to communicate with our growth experts at any time.

Live dashboard

A realtime overview of how your growth marketing tactics are performing, managed by us.

How it works

Working with us is like having a superpowered extra team member on your side. Our core philosophy is based on transparency, clarity and honesty.

Step 1: pre-launch

In-depth readiness assessment

The first thing we will do is conduct a full audit of your marketing setup, activities and website. From this we will draw up an action plan of priority fixes and optimizations to lay the foundations for your growth strategy.

Business strategy call

Next we schedule a call to discuss your business and marketing at a high level. Our goal is to understand your main business objectives, the competitive landscape as you see it, and other crucial information. We go really in depth.

Research and write-up of growth strategy

We start working on the strategy. This involves in-depth research into your market and competitors, a SWOT analysis of your business, full user journey map, detailed audiences, creative messaging and initiatives for the next quarter.

Set up of portal and dashboard

While the strategy is being worked on we will help you set up your tracking and analytics, and prepare your personalised portal and performance dashboard, which will become your mission control for your growth marketing efforts.

Strategy walkthrough and tactic selection

When your strategy is ready we will upload it to your portal and set up a call to walk you through it. In the same call we will walk you through your tactics database and help you to choose some initial tactics to run based on the strategy.

Slack channel setup and team introduction

With the strategy in place and your portal and tactics all set up and ready to go, we set up your Slack channel to which all relevant members of your team can be invited (up to a maximum of 3 people). This will be your support network.

Step 2: 🚀 Launch

Monitoring and guidance

As you execute the growth strategy, we will monitor performance, offer advice and suggestions, and remain on call for any questions or problems you encounter. Every month we will schedule a catch-up call to see how you're getting on and discuss any improvements.

Quarterly strategy review

At the end of every quarter we will update your strategy to reflect progress in the previous quarter along with any changes in the strategic and/or competitive landscape. As your business grows, your strategy will continue to evolve with it.

Step 3: growth!

In a matter of a weeks, your business will start to grow in a measurable, sustainable way.

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What our clients say
In the first 6 months we’ve seen an average of 35% MoM increase in leads, a decrease of 54% in the cost per lead, and an increase in the overall quality of our leads. As a high-growth Startup, we value their ‘always on’ approach, where they are constantly monitoring and optimizing our campaigns, asking the right questions, updating us regularly, and thinking about the next campaign, so we can stay ahead of the curve.
Joelle Irvine, Head of Growth & Marketing
If there is anyone you want working for your brand, it is Growthmode. Their enthusiasm for marketing and for finding the right solutions for every situation is incomparable.
Aleksandra Pawlowska, Founder
We engaged Growthmode to launch our initial web presence and attract some pre-launch signups to help with our fundraise. The speed is what impressed me most. We went from nothing to a full landing page and 100 signups in just two days! We will certainly continue using them as we continue our growth journey.
Julian Mclean, Co-founder

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