About us

A team of experienced entrepreneurs, strategists, creatives and techies on a mission to provide clarity, insight and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently build long-term growth for our clients through a transparent process that blends deep human expertise with technological sophistication to create an unfair advantage.

Full-funnel marketing that covers the entire customer lifecycle.

Our goal is simple and singular: grow your revenue. That’s our North Star and the only metric we hold ourselves accountable to. To achieve this, we focus on the whole customer lifecycle from initial awareness all the way through to retention and referral.

Why work with us

A truly 21st century digital marketing agency.

Our background combines agency marketing with actual business and startup experience. Here are the main reasons people choose to work with us:

Hybrid senior level experience

Our leadership team has decades of experience both in marketing and directly building and running e-commerce and SaaS startups. We know what it’s like be on both sides of the fence and have crafted our offering around a deep understanding of the challenges such businesses face.

Actual business advice

Our background has given us a deep well of experience to draw from and we pass that on to our clients consistently. Our marketing plans include a level of high-level business strategy that always surprises our clients. It’s one of the reasons they trust and value us so quickly.

Transparent, clear way of working

You will know exactly what we’re working on at all times because everything we do is exposed via our private client portal, including live results of our experiments. Every report we produce is auditable at any time by simply logging into our platform, and we only focus on what’s important. No fluff.

Sophisticated in-house skill mix

Designers who can code. Strategists who can write blogs. Our team is made up of 100% hybrids, which not only gives us flexibility in terms of resourcing but also creates an environment where innovative ideas are born on a daily basis. This helps us to keep ahead of the game at all times.

What our clients say
In the first 6 months we’ve seen an average of 35% MoM increase in leads, a decrease of 54% in the cost per lead, and an increase in the overall quality of our leads. As a high-growth Startup, we value their ‘always on’ approach, where they are constantly monitoring and optimizing our campaigns, asking the right questions, updating us regularly, and thinking about the next campaign, so we can stay ahead of the curve.
Joelle Irvine, Head of Growth & Marketing
If there is anyone you want working for your brand, it is Growthmode. Their enthusiasm for marketing and for finding the right solutions for every situation is incomparable.
Aleksandra Pawlowska, Founder
We engaged Growthmode to launch our initial web presence and attract some pre-launch signups to help with our fundraise. The speed is what impressed me most. We went from nothing to a full landing page and 100 signups in just two days! We will certainly continue using them as we continue our growth journey.
Julian Mclean, Co-founder

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