About us
A modern marketing agency: powered by tech, guided by sure hands.
Full-funnel growth marketing...
Data-driven growth strategies driven by experimentation.
...delivered by a heavyweight team...
A founding team with real startup experience and multiple exits.
...and cutting-edge technology.
Proprietary A.I., world’s largest tactics database and SaaS tools.
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Our mission
We are on a mission to transform marketing as a service, merging human expertise with cutting-edge technologies to build a pragmatic service mix that is more transparent, fair and profitable for high-tech companies at all stages of growth.
...in plain English?
Marketing is changing. Technology has been gradually shifting the landscape for years, and with the recent explosion of generative A.I., the change is accelerating.

Modern agencies need to adapt. The new tech is making it cheaper and faster to execute, while simultaneously making the traditional marketing landscape harder for brands to stand out in as the barrier to entry collapses.
With our experience and in-house expertise across strategy, marketing, technology and entrepreneurship, we are building an agency model that seeks to exploit advancements in tech, a service delivery model that emphasizes transparency and knowledge-sharing, and a pricing model that takes advantage of all of this to provide a fairer, more competitive entry point for companies of all sizes.

Marketing for the 2020s and beyond.
Leadership team
Exited founders, highly experienced marketers, veteran A.I. technologists.
Marc Crouch
An experienced 5x founder, Marc has built and scaled multiple tech startups (including A.I.), advised and/or invested in several more, and is a rare hybrid of tech, product, design and commercial attributes.
John Foenander
A highly experienced marketing expert, in his 20+ year career John has built and sold three multi-million dollar agencies, led tech innovation at Publicis and worked with both startups and global brands.
Roxy Crouch
With over 10 years experience working with brands such as Air Canada, EY, Kit Kat as well as multiple fast-growth startups during her time at WPP, Roxy is a data-obsessed performance marketer and strategist.
Dr. Sagar Joglekar
PhD from the world-renowned King’s College London, author of dozens of papers. With former employers including Citrix, Bell Labs, and Expedia, Sagar has not only studied but built major A.I. projects.

... supported by an amazing team of designers, copywriters, tech nerds and specialists from around the world.

Why choose us?
Real-world startup expertise. Built by experienced founders with multiple startups and exits under their belt, we’ve genuinely lived the experience of building and growing businesses, as well as what it's like to work with marketing agencies.
Bleeding-edge A.I. and tech expertise. We didn’t jump on A.I. in 2023. Our founders have been working in the field since 2015. Our CEO and Head of A.I. built a generative A.I. startup together.
World’s largest growth tactics database. Over the last few years we have collected, catalogued and indexed a database of 500+ proven growth tactics that we use to our advantage.
Flexibility by design. We’re fully remote to keep costs down and allow us to hire the best talent, and we pass that on to clients with startup-friendly pricing and delivery models.
We add value across the entire customer lifecycle
In plain English, that means we don’t just aim to get you more customers, we also look at making your existing customers stick and spend more.
Top of funnel
Bottom of funnel
Finding ways of bringing more people to your website, app, or whatever your main touchpoint is.
Working with your landing pages, product and other touchpoints to increase conversion rates of prospects to customers.
Addressing bottlenecks and crafting strategies to turn one-time customers into long-term repeat users and/or subscribers.
Finding opportunities and building strategies to increase the average revenue per customer.
Turning your customers into brand ambassadors so that your product or service can spread through viral word of mouth, greatly extending reach.
Bottom of funnel
Our clients genuinely love us. And the feeling's mutual.
Our methodology requires us to work very closely with our clients. As a result, we build really strong relationships like these. Our clients stay because we add value constantly.
We’ve been working with Growthmode for years now at TAKK. They are very strategic, hardworking, easy to approach, but more importantly, they are dedicated to building our company as much as we are. We always felt they are part of the core team. They’ve supported us in so many ways, different ways we didn’t even think of at the beginning. So if you are looking for real partners to build your business, you’re in the right place.
Pinar Akiskalioglu
Pinar Akiskalioglu
Founder & CEO
What we appreciate the most about working with Growthmode is that they are very data-driven and responsive. As a high-growth startup, we value their ‘always on’ approach, where they are constantly monitoring and optimizing our campaigns, asking the right questions, updating us regularly, and thinking about the next campaign, so we can stay ahead of the curve. We highly recommend Growthmode as an agency for those who want to grow fast with quality results.
Joelle Irvine
Joelle Irvine
Head of Growth and Marketing
Growthmode immediately ignited our social media to boost business and increase brand awareness, while respecting our restricted budgets. The team worked hard to understand our business, provide strategic advice, and design and produce innovative and impactful messaging. We feel that Growthmode are partners in growing our business.
Tania Edwards
Tania Edwards
The speed is what impressed me most. We went from nothing to a full landing page and 100 signups in just a few days! We will certainly continue using them as we continue our growth journey.
Julian Mclean
Julian Mclean
If there is anyone you want working for your brand, it is Growthmode. Their enthusiasm for marketing and for finding the right solutions for every situation is incomparable.
Aleksandra Pawlowska
Aleksandra Pawlowska
What I love about Growthmode is their commitment and precision. Not only did they increase our inquiries by 80% in just a few months, but they also ensured we understood every step of the process. We've learned so much along the way!
Ileana Cosmina
Ileana Cosmina
Marketing Manager
Case studies? Check.
We 6X’d this Canadian startup’s leads while more than halving their acquisition costs, all within 6 months, helping them to raise $3.2m.
Increase in monthly leads
Reduction in cost per lead
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